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Are You Ready To Hire A Business Management Advisor?

Doing the same tasks repeatedly is not the definition of sanity. If you think back to when your company was a start-up or small business enterprise, the processes you established then, may not serve you now. In fact, you could be going backwards. If your business is about growth (and why wouldn’t it be?), you are facing new and unexpected challenges every day. This is where an Advisor can help. 

Why a Consultant and Not Someone Full-Time?
Asking a full-time employee to overhaul your business procedures is expensive. Usually, small companies cannot afford to hire an experienced leader full time. Someone who has been there and done it. As a business grows, the depth of the challenge becomes greater. The proposition changes. The mission and values change. And you find yourself putting out fires. Constantly.

A good advisor will help focus the mind. Set strategic direction. Help the leadership prioritise. And grow shareholder value. It is a small investment with a giant return. Have you considered…

  • Your endgame. You are not going to run this business ad infinitum. At some stage there has to be a realisation event. Or a passing of the torch. My strongest advice is think about your endgame and work backwards. How can you build the path if you’re unsure of the destination. Where is that path going to take you.
  • That once you know the game, you can make the rules. Yes we need to think about our differentiators. Our USP’s. This is your special sauce, but you need something to sprinkle it on. The bedrock of any agency is its proposition. Its mission and values. But a great proposition with a loss making commercial model doesn’t make sense unless you’re a tech business. The business needs a strong commercial infrastructure and we need to sure that the business can increase its billings year on year.
  • A good advisor will give you the tools to grow at the top. They will undoubtedly have a keen eye on your bottom line as you should too. But if your business is growing by making efficiencies year on year, you know you are on the wrong path.
  • Advice should be tailored to your needs. Not all businesses are alike and not all leaders are the same. Yes there are commonalities and universal truths but a good advisor seeks to find fulfilment for the individuals they work with. Some leaders are more profit focused than others. Some are more self aware than others. 

My business was multi-service, multi-market and multi-sector which means I made every mistake there is to make. And boy did I learn from them. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing those mistakes so others can learn from them. Many consultants focus on sharing their success stories (I have a few of those too), but a good advisor understands the challenge and leads with empathy.

Hire a Business Management Consultant Now
Improving business performance doesn’t mean you have to work harder or longer hours. It means working smarter, identifying long term goals and creating a plan that will help you reach your destination. You can do this by hiring an advisor from a company that specialises in improving businesses and quality of life at the same time. 

Get in touch with the arc today and hire a business management consultant for your firm! We work with independent agencies and SMEs to improve their growth or exit strategies under a lens of well-being.

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