Our story

Adam Rubins

Management Consultant

Hello. I’m Adam and I believe our industry needs change. I have a wide range of experience and my mission is to support people through their journey never losing sight of who they are, what they want and why they need it.

Buy Side/Sale side

Experience on buy side having acquired 5 companies. Experience on the sale side having sold my business in 2018.

Client Side at the Walt Disney Company

Working for the best of the best, understanding a client perspective, the power of brand and how to influence decision makers.

Agency side

As CEO of a global comms agency, I learned how to lead, how to grow organically, how to acquire and how to build a first class culture.

Scaling up

Building the agency from a start up to a global player with over 10 offices worldwide, delivering integrated marketing solutions across 30+ markets. Here I learnt the pro’s and con’s of scaling infrastructure and developing into markets like the US, Europe and APAC

"The one thing I have learned throughout is that people get lost in the mix. It’s business right, not personal?"

But our identities are intertwined with our work and this become tricky to untangle once you are running a business, growing it and selling it. It becomes easy to lose sight of what is and isn’t important.

the arc is a management consultancy designed to work with independent agencies and SME’s on their growth and exit strategies under a lens of wellbeing. We work with clients to support not only their business as it grows and scales, but also with its leaders to support them through this process with a wide variety of coaching and mentoring solutions.

Aside from agency acceleration. the arc's mission is dedicated to elevating the conversation around wellness, diversity & inclusion and purpose to board level and has an armoury of products designed to improve wellness in the workplace.

Interested in selling or buying a business?